Bond County Transit Fares & Passes

Fares are one way trips.

Fares are due each time a passenger boards, upon entering vehicle.

Exact change is required. Drivers do not make change.

Adults $1.75

Seniors 60+ $1.50 (full fare required, as of Feb 1, 2016)
Donation based senior passes may be available.

County Adults $3.50

Children 12 and under Local $0.75 & County $1.75
Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Express to Kaskaskia College Main Campus $6.50 for adults and $5.50 for students.
Monthly Passes available for Express, see "Commuter Routes" Page for details.

Private Pay Trips Out of County, call for rates.


Discounted passes are available for the Greenville area. Call for information on how to obtain passes and their cost.

30 Day Passes Unlimited Rides
Age 60 and older $32.00
Age 59 and under $50.00

10-Ride County Pass

Adults $33.00

Fares apply to Greenville and other Bond County communities when rides are taken on the BCT weekly schedule. Call for fares outside routine schedule and times.

Medicaid accepted for medical appointments.

Pre-approvals are required for Medicaid trips.
Please call us for information on how this can be done.
Local Medicaid trips must be reserved and pre-approved 24 hours in advance. All out of town trips must be reserved and pre-approved at least 72 hours in advance. Same day Medicaid trips may not be accepted.