Bond County Transit Scheduling

On Demand Service

Local trips should be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Same day trip requests are honored if at all possible.

You may establish a standing appointment or use the service on an as-needed basis.

To make an emergency schedule change, leave a message on our answering maching. Drivers retrieve messages before starting routes.

Please allow a 20-minute leeway before and after scheduled pickup times.

Transportation outside of Bond County should be scheduled as soon as possible, preferably at least one week in advance.

Bond County Transit provides non-emergency medical transportation; it does not provide ambulance service. For all urgent or emergency medical situations call 911.


Rides are scheduled on a first come - first served basis. Bond County Transit will give priority to pre-scheduled rides over same day calls. Trips are prioritized as follows: medical appointments, employment, all others. Riders should plan accordingly.


Call the BCT office to cancel local rides one hour prior to scheduled pick-up time. To cancel out of area rides, call as soon as possible, or at least 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time. Failure to cancel will constitute a “no-show”. Three no-shows will result in suspension of service. In addition, a $5.00 fee will be assessed which must be paid prior to making the next reservation.