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Thank You BCT: "Best Choice for Transportation"! by Gloria Gumbs, Sept. 9, 2013:

I had a wonderful visit to Greenville, Illinois, because Bond County Transit (BCT) was the "Best Choice for Transportation"! I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands and in August, 2013, my daughter and I had a travel itinerary that had us arriving at the St. Louis airport at 11pm. I had already requested some information about transportation recommendations from Red Carpet Inn in Greenville and they suggested BCT. I desperately needed a great way to get from St. Louis to Greenville, because the hour-long drive from the airport had us arriving at the hotel after 12am. Well, my whole experience from start to finish was stellar!

About mid August I contacted BCT and spoke to Debbie ("the Angel"). I explained to her what time I would arrive at the St. Louis airport and could she transport me to the hotel. She called me back immediately after speaking with the manager and said that they could and explained their wonderful rate. Since it was my first trip, I said I would check into the taxi options. After reading horror stories on the internet and finally getting a somewhat competitive rate from a taxi company, I eagerly called BCT back. I forgot to mention, that Debbie kindly called me back while I was researching taxi companies to find out if I was still interested. While booking the transportation, I told Debbie about my daughter's steel pan and she made sure that she selected a BCT vehicle that could accommodate the instrument.

Once I arrived at the St. Louis airport. I was very pleasantly surprised and greeted by Mick (sorry if I misspelled his name). This wonderful gentleman, in a beautiful and comfortable van, was there at the airport (after 11pm) to help us. He provided delightful conversation all along the way to Greenville. He told us he had visited St. Thomas on a cruise. His interesting conversations made the trip so pleasant, I lost track of time. He kindly offered my daughter and I the opportunity to get a bite to eat at McDonald's, sensing we had been on a long trip (and he was right). We were overjoyed at the level of grand service. He even took us to quickly look at Greenville College, since we had not seen it in person; only on the internet. He then dropped us off at the hotel. What a wonderful way to start the trip in Greenville. The next day was also grand. We were greeted on time with a van parked in front of our hotel room. The handicapped accessible door made loading my daughter's steel pan and luggage a breeze. On August 23rd, we arrived at Greenville College about 7:35am. The college staff kindly helped us take our luggage to my daughter's dorm. I didn't have change for the short trip from the hotel to the college, so I paid $5.

It was Friday and we had a full day of registration and special orientation events. I got so caught up that I lost track of time, but Debbie didn't miss a beat. She called me to ask when I would be returning to the hotel and I said there were late night events scheduled at the college. Since BCT doesn't operate on the weekends, Debbie's call saved me so much hassle and trouble. The whole day at the school had been so awesome, I confidently said to her that someone from the college will take me back to the hotel. A wonderful young college girl did just that for the whole weekend.

On Monday, August 26, it was time for me to depart the hotel. My husband made arrangements on Sunday for my return flight. Debbie told me on Friday, that I could just call her and leave a message, at extension 100, to let her know what time I need a pick up to go to the airport. I told her in the message that it would be easier for me to take a flight on Tuesday from St. Louis, so I needed a pick up from Red Carpet Inn, around 11:30am, and transport to a hotel in St. Louis. The vehicle that she wanted to use was on another job and was expected to return in the area a little later than my pick up time. Dear Debbie, thought of a brilliant idea to have me picked up and taken to McDonald's to have lunch (with no charge since I had paid $5 for the previous trip); then the other van would pick me up from McDonald's and take me to St. Louis. This too was wonderful. A kind gentle woman took me to the St. Louis hotel. The overall staff treatment was splendid. Thank you BCT!

I had to take the time to thoroughly explain how blessed I was for choosing BCT. Please let everyone know how I believe you are the "Best Choice for Transportation" in Illinois!  


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